The great scientists of Ancient Persia were also artists. Omar Khayyam was an astronomer and a poet, Ibn Sina was a medical scientist and a poet, and Shaykh-i Baha’i was a mathematician and an architect.

Today we see this less. Artists are mostly artists, and scientists are mostly scientists. And generally, our technologies derive from science. Since science aligns with the head, and art aligns with the heart, understanding the heart and the head helps us to understand our modern technologies.

Our heads cultivate reason. Our hearts cultivate intuition.

Our heads seek opportunity. Our hearts seek purpose.

Our heads maximize utility. Our hearts give gifts.

Our heads think of self. Our hearts feel connection.

Today, our technologies reflect reason and utility and opportunity and self. But this may be an artifact of our time. We could equally imagine building technologies that reflect intuition and purpose and gift and connection. I might say we're already starting.